Product 300 -- Solving Problems and Making Decisions

 Essay about Unit three hundred - Resolving Problems and Making Decisions

Unit 300: Solving Challenges and Producing Decisions

Extra workload as all BTEC students having to sit at least 2 examinations.


I actually work for SGS College in Bristol. The college caters for 16-19 year old scholars and also provides education intended for adult scholars, with a broad variety of courses. We certainly have a very effective sports schools and generally great facilities over the college which provide specialist training.

I actually work in the Exams team and my role should be to register, assert and maintain multiple courses through different panels. I i am personally in charge of all BTEC, NVQ and OCN training. I also help with the running of the A-Level and GCSE examinations. This means that I register every student with the relevant analyzing board and ensure that, all year round, any pupil who needs withdrawing or changing in anyway, is facilitated for this. At the end with their course, My spouse and i claim for anyone students and ensure that they obtain certificate and this, if they are planning to go to university or college, everything can be arranged so they can achieve that.

Information of my own Problem

The problem I are currently facing is the assurance of having to perform at least 2 online exams for all BTEC college students studying at the college. It had been made mindful to us within the last 2 months.

This is completely widespread over the college while the majority of each of our 16-19 year old students for our school are learning a BTEC course. This equates to about 2000 students. These examinations will be work during many days of the week throughout every season so we could enable every single student to sit test. These have to be completed between your months of September to April.

The brand new task is going to affect the Examinations Department, Enrolments, Registry and IT. Exams will be influencing in that all of us will have to book, arrange and invigilate the exams. Registry will be needed to find and book all of us rooms with adequate THIS facilities. Enrolments will deal with an impact in their amounts of students coming into the college, as BTEC is actually a vocational program, students could possibly be unsettled by prospect of exams. Will probably be expected to mount and maintain any kind of software necessary for the testing.

By organizing these examinations I was aiming to attain the ability to operate and organize these examinations so the learners can gain their qualification. This is at this point a dependence on the table so achieving this would be what is expected. If there were not any action used, the students may not complete all their qualification and for that reason not able to begin their future job or educational route. Also, the college would lose much of all their annual money.

Below is a chart, exhibiting the affect of all learners to BTEC funding rate.

In terms of quantities, this shows that the amount of money introduced by every students is usually ВЈ18m plus the amount through BTEC students is ВЈ5m. When considering the funding needed by schools, this is a large number of money, that could possibly be lacking from the college's budget.

Conceivable Solutions

We looked at a summary of my problem, as a fish diagram since below.

Travel and leisure


Room Bookings

Schooling staff

Larger workload in registry

Tension of working extra tests

Rooms will not be appropriate

Personnel time

Zero guarantee of room becoming available

BTEC exams for young students in the next educational year




Based on the potential of myself running every test, I investigate the feasible solutions, with the figures with the task available. I viewed the amount of college students who happen to be studying a BTEC qualification, compared to the quantity of personal computers available to me personally throughout the college. I attended the online Edexcel BTEC internet site and accumulated the number of pupils required. I then went to our registry office and asked how various computers there are available to always be booked for exams. I found that there are 3379 BTEC students compared to the info given to myself by Computer registry, which displays there are 64 computers obtainable in 4 bedrooms,...