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 History of America Essay

Article #1

When looking at the historical variations between two continents, crucial historical concepts such as traditions, frontiers, and independence emphasize the differences. Europe had a far longer background than America. Time performs a crucial part in a country's history. Many time may be short, but its unique aspects played a role in its advancement. While America was still with the stage of growing, The european countries was more powerfully developed and civilized than America. However , The european union had attributes it weren't getting such as tradition, frontiers, and independence that America acquired. " America has the key to the historic enigma which will Europe features sought for years and years in vain, and the land which has no history reveals luminously the span of universal history. ” Coming from a European point of view, America had vast amount of treasures, resources, and area to grow more powerful. After that, Europe can start a fresh Empire and also have control over the vast methods that plotted America. Not only this, but The european countries would be even more in contact with the wilderness, and Indian cultures that been around on the borderlands. To an degree, this estimate is true. Looking at history, America had grown to become a world power by the end of WORLD WAR II, while The european countries lay in shambles. Because of America's location, vast methods, and background America could support the self and provide aid to other countries while The european countries is constantly reliant on one more nation's aid. Europe wished the vast land that made up America. They wished to live experiencing a vast frontier, cultures, and riches. If Europe experienced America, they might control a history of the property. Europe concerned about America, it can growth, culture and expert over the frontier. about Europe attempted to desperately put a hold on America by simply slowing their very own growth, and still have a major impact on their affairs. Europe planned to influence America, hold it is hand such as a parent to stop it via growing a whole lot, and gaining more power. America was several. On the...