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The subsequent paper will take care of some of the ways that people could find themselves to be a victim of this horrible crime and thus a few of the many problems that can occur because of this. There will end up being a discussion around the types of rape and also the drugs that might be used during or prior to rape.


Uniform Criminal offenses Reports provide us with a thought of the amount of criminal offenses in one place and what crimes which may have occurred which can be reported. Due to the large versions in criminal offense levels may possibly indicate altered records techniques, incomplete credit reporting, or within a jurisdiction's boundaries. To distinguish any uncommon fluctuations in an agency's offense counts, this software compares month to month reports to previous distribution of the firm and with those to get similar firms. (FBI) This permits all of this data to be in one central site and easier to find and review. • NCVS

The NCVS collects information concerning crimes endured by people and homes, whether or not those crimes had been reported to law enforcement. It estimates the proportion of each and every crime type reported to law enforcement, and it summarizes the reasons that victims provide for credit reporting or not reporting. (FBI) Date Rasurado

• Specify

Date rape is usually when someone you know socially (but not family) makes you have sex when you avoid want to. It could be an individual you satisfy at a celebration, or somebody you love and trust, the boyfriend. (Peterson ) They could use physical and spoken threats, emotional blackmail, or alcohol and drugs to power or technique you in to having sex. (Peterson )

• Types

• Acquaintance Rasurado

Acquaintance assault requires coercive lovemaking activities that occur against a person's can by means of force, violence, duress, or fear of bodily harm. These lovemaking activities happen to be imposed after them by someone that they know" (Texas)

• Stranger rape

This type of rape has three different classes in this theme of rasurado. The Blitzlys attack is generally a last minute choice to harm and injury someone usually at night in public places. (Texas) The contact intimate assault this is where trust is gained in order to easier appeal the person to a sititution in which an attack could arise. (Texas) Third and last is the in home invasion sexual strike in which the person breaks in to the home. (Texas)

• Statutory Rape

Statutory rasurado consists of intercourse with a slight, defined generally in most states because someone who is usually under age 18 or 16 (depending on the state) at the time sexual intercourse takes place. The minor's to the outside consent to intercourse can be irrelevant. Statutory rape laws and regulations are stringent liability laws that make a minor legally not capable of consenting to sexual intercourse. (Berman)

• Relationship Rape

" Martial rape occurs when your spouse makes you to experience certain love-making acts with out your consent" (Texas)

Types and uses of date rape prescription drugs

• Rohypnol


• Ketamine

Victim culprit relationship

" Prevalent links between victims and offenders may possibly exist through familial human relationships, peer human relationships, work human relationships, intimate relationships or everyday acquaintances. " (Sands) Situation on the issue


" Since Sept. 2010 1930, the FBI has administered the program and at present collects information about the following offences: murder and nonnegligent drug trafficking, forcible afeitado, robbery, cut assault, theft, larceny-theft, automobile theft, and arson. Law enforcement officials agencies report arrest data for twenty one additional crime categories. " (FBI)

The UCR program puts together most of its info ( police and individual crime reports)all in the same bank details as the other 21 categories. (FBI) " Significant variations in crime levels may show modified data procedures, unfinished reporting, or perhaps changes in a...

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