Symbol in Vietnam

 Essay about Symbol in Vietnam


When we talking about Vietnam, so many people would think the Vietnamese hat and the photo of Vietnames girl with all the national costume, called " Ao dai”. For them, it is the characteristic symbol of Vietnam. But few know that the typical symbol of Vietnam is the lotus flower. Starting life as a seedling, it grows in the dull darkness in the bottom of a fish-pond. The darkness is like each of our ignorance - we won't be able to clearly see the truth about life. The seed expands toward the warmth and light of the sun in the same way humans naturally grow toward the warmth of love. The grow toward floral floats within the surface, showering in the complete light from the sun, very well 'anchored' but moving freely according to the circulation of the normal water - the changing current of any kind of situation. The lotus flower is pretty and aromatic than any other flowers. As it looks amazing simple folks with soft pink padding, bright yellowish stamens, flower fragrance within the green leaves. Lotus is the symbol of summer since it blossoms in summer the moment there is a lot of sunlight and its particular scent casually perfumes the environment all around the fish-pond. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, in dawn this rises and opens again. Lotus is within every passage, every phrase sung being a testament, an image for those who enhance, no matter where the muddy pond, will also turn into valuable, a incomparable power. Here is the that lotus enlightenment, achieving clarity and freedom by mud. Additionally it is testament to the vitality in the people of Vietnam. Lotus flowers are used in different methods: the seed are used for tea, and the leaves are used to place green grain. Lotus seeds can also be changed to a tonic medicine and anesthetic and into a substance for lovely soup and also other recipes. Besides, lotus is defined to characteristic the mark of Vietnam Airlines. Most of Vietnamese restaurants take that lotus as a brand and that can be found everywhere in the globe. Lotus flowers are amazing in the two appearance and smell. Unmarked by the...