Normal and Extraordinary: Borrego Spring suspensions

 Essay about Ordinary and Extraordinary: Pusilanime Springs


The topic for my personal final GCSE Art and Design task was ‘Ordinary and/or Extraordinary'. I was presented the exam conventional paper just prior to undertaking the interview process family holiday break to the wilderness in El monte and I made a decision that as Borrego Suspension systems (the place that we visited) is such an unusual and incredible place, I would personally use it because my starting point in growing my suggestions and inspections based on the theme. Pusilanime Springs presented me with an challenging place to develop some image ideas and also allowing myself to discover and explore the theme from your perspective from the ‘natural world' within the wasteland.

Borrego Springs has been blessed with an extraordinary part of nature's characteristics and this provides distinguished this place as one of the most unique and interesting places to visit in the united states. There are simply no traffic lighting in the city and the evening lighting can be kept down to protect the great magnificence with the starlit atmosphere. This project has been incredibly personal to my opinion as Memo Springs has been a huge part of my childhood.

I actually began by looking at the work of Armand Vallee. A great deal of his function is both equally for sale and is also exhibited at a local photo gallery in the city centre. I collected a few postcards through the gallery to aid with my personal ideas. I had been particularly hit by Vallee's work which is colourful and inspiring yet refreshingly simple. His wilderness landscapes could be an unusual mix of shape, routine, texture and colour which really become a huge hit to me as I felt they portrayed shortcut scenes full of life and vitality. This motivated me to consider some of my own observational photographs of the adjacent area and whilst this process I discovered the amazing, unusual metal sculptures by simply local sculptor Ricardo Breceda. I love just how his many sculptures incorporate into the surrounding landscape, which is an integral part of their particular effect. I actually even considered the possibility of a creating a statue for my own final part.

At this...