Organizational Aspect

 Essay about Organizational Characteristics


Seminar 6


1 . How could managers develop an organizational culture that encourages a high-performance system or a learning organization?

A high performance product is the idea that this organizations need continuing excellence and renewal as a way to bring innovation in our devices (Brown, 06\, p. 381). HPS demands the removal of excessive layers of structure inside the organization as well as the creation of your climate that encourages involvement and connection across functional barriers (Brown, 2006, s. 381). The best choice needs to display energy and zest to get the task staying worked on, these products and processes being created, and fellow team members (Brown, 2006, l. 381). Leading by example is a popular method for managers to produce excitement and electricity in the workplace (Brown, 2006, l. 381). Displays of excitement tend to enhance the morale and productivity from the workforce (Brown, 2006, g. 381).

2 . Compare and contrast organization development and firm transformation. How are they related or dissimilar?

Company development accommodement the long-range efforts and programs aimed at improving an organizations capability to survive simply by changing its problem-solving and renewal operations (Brown, 2006, p. 4). It consists of moving forward an adaptive business and achieving company excellence simply by integrating the desires of individuals for growth and development with company goals (Brown, 2006, s. 4).

Organization modification is defined as remarkable, abrupt, in order to total set ups, managerial processes, and corporate civilizations (Brown, 2006, p. 399). It requires a redesign of all things in the firm, including the rules of the traditions, the very heart and soul of the business (Brown, 06\, p. 399). Nothing is holy, and there are few, if any kind of, guidelines (Brown, 2006, p. 399).

The two are similar because they are the two ways of aiding make an firm better so that it will be the finest it can be....