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Ray Odom

Pastoral Ministries

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Essay 1

A. Compare the terms shepherd and pastor. In the Fresh Testament the bible says, and he gave a few, apostles; and a few, prophets; plus some, evangelists; and a few, pastors and teachers (KJV Ephesians some: 11). The word pastor utilized here in Greek is ποιμήν, or poimēn meaning shepherd, is to are likely as a shepherd or like a supervisor; to rule. The simple truth is, the word pastor(s) is used only one time in the New Testament with the word being translated to mean shepherd. In today's contemporary society we utilize word prelado in many different ways to describe the leaders with the church. The term shepherd is definitely the more appropriate translation for the word. The word shepherd is used at least thirteen times in the King David New Testament. B. Comparison in house phone calls and personal appointments. - When viewing the work with the pastor, visiting plays a role in area of the pastoral ministry. Depending entirely on your definition of personal trips, they could be simply that… to quit by for the chat or any personal subject on the pastor's part. That is not mean that the pastor cannot be encouraging, uplifting at the same time. The property call much more than a personal visit, it can be planned and it has a collection goal with ministry included. Getting to know the folks in the congregation and the several needs they might have in every area of your life is necessary. Home calls are a good way for the pastors to learn how to minister to his congregation more effectively. There is always a number of needs in each and every person's your life, and most persons welcome the prayers of any truly worried pastor. C. Describe your own plan for visitation. - One thing for sure this course provides opened my own eyes to just how visitation must be done. Not which i haven't done visitation, nevertheless having a systematic schedule for visitation how it's defined in the IST NATURLICH something I've never done. Visiting new families, browsing sick and making hospital visits are carried out on an since needed basis. This is a thing that I have found is actually difficult to perform in today's contemporary society. People are and so very occupied, and are taken in every way for period. It is usually during times of sickness, or perhaps tragedy that people slow down very long to visit. M. Explain to what extent if the pastor ought to be involved in counseling. - The IST the very true affirmation about the pastoral ministry and guidance, they go hand in hand one with another. There is not a pastor on the planet that will not deal with people. There will always be a purpose for individuals to be able to speak with their pastors. Pastors must make time in their schedules and be approachable for this sort of times, it might be just to loan an ear by hearing. Sometimes because pastors you will have a need to counsel individuals with more difficult challenges. E. Differentiate the different types of counseling. - There are different types of counseling, individual counseling with the enquete approach. The directive approach is usually performed on a one to one basis for problems to mind-boggling for the individual. The prelado usually offers them suggestions and gives all of them direction. Individual counseling while using nondirective strategy more is needed than pertaining to the pastor to give merely advice. The pastor manuals the individual to find answers on their own in this procedure. Then there is Group guidance where there is somewhat more than one person. There will be at least two people, or maybe a number of members within a group who have the same issue. Essay two

A. Clarify the quest of the cathedral. - The almighty has offered His church a mission in this world. Zig Ziglar says, " In the event you aim at practically nothing, you will strike it each time. ” The church have to know its goal for living, so that can be does not fail to find a way out in the hubbub of everyday your life. One thing for sure is a churches mission has to be founded on the Word of God. Christ said, " All power is given on to me in heaven and earth. Get ye consequently , and educate all countries, baptizing all of them in the name of the Father, and of the...