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 Essay regarding Reflection On Video

Kyle Park


AP Mindset

Reflection about Video

The video, " Secrets of the Mind” that I observed was very interesting and it was entertaining. It absolutely was intriguing to see people do something impracticable, for example , the window blind guy in a position of finding using blind-sight. This helped me realize how complex the brains are. As I analyzed psychology, I found out the head was very complicated yet this video clearly revealed that there are several factors regarding the brain we all still don't know about. " Secrets of the Mind” showed me that the brain is able of many issues we still have no idea about. In " Secrets with the Mind”, Doctor Vilayanur S i9000. Ramachandran compensates visits to his clientele and studies them. This individual inspects his clients and comes up with results from what he observed. The doctor 1st visits anyone with a phantom limb, and concludes that the unused portion of the brain that controls the phantom hand had been taken over. For example , when the man's deal with is touched, he seems the action on his palm as well. This is interesting as it seems not possible to truly feel something though it isn't right now there. Another consumer I found interesting was the gentleman who can tell movements even though he is blind. The person was able to identify and advise us whether the hand over a monitor display screen was going left or perhaps right. Yet , the man was not able to observe when it was out of his variety of sight. Your doctor believes that his parts that make up look are ruined but not almost everything. Evidently you will find pathways that are connected the visual section of the brain. Among the paths is centered on vision, to find the world, plus the other is reflexes. The man's visible path was destroyed, yet , his reflex path was not. This explains why anybody was able to define whether the turn in the keep an eye on was going left or right. To conclude, I would like to convey that the online video was probably the most interesting items I have observed in a long time. My spouse and i learned that the brain is very unappreciated and not...