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REGULATORY COMPANY 2 Jail health care offers the inmates with medical care in the prisons correctional health service provider. There are many thoughts about why inmates should receive health care and one cause is that however the inmates possess committed offences, he or she continue to needs medical therapy just as someone that is not incarcerated. Problems, including mental overall health, health and drug abuse tend to be more noticeable in the prisons than inside the communities. There are plenty of inmates which can be diagnosed with these types of problems after entering prison and may not have if he or she had not been in jail. There are inmates that can be rehabilitated and in order to stay healthy these inmates need medical care. Providing healthcare to jail inmates allows him or her to become protected against diseases that other inmates may have got and teat inmates that contain a disease. The role of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) is to help to improve the prisons quality of health care (The National Commission rate on Correctional Health Care gathered from: The first few years in 1970 was when the NCCHC first started out, because the American Medical Affiliation found prison's to be inadequate, health solutions to be extremely disorganized, and were not up to its Countrywide Standards. Inside the 1980's is when the American Medical Association started the NCCHC, which in turn helped evaluate and develop programs and policies that have been in need of assistance. Today, the NCCHC can be widely recognized and offers the proper management setting standards (The Nationwide Commission on Correctional Health Care retrieved via: The resources the NCCHC use in prisons have improved correctional establishments along...