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* Describe why organizations are choosing to out-source business activities.

Outsourcing is a practice of transferring organization activities for an external organization instead of performing the activities internally. В It can be described as business procedure performed by another organization. There are some great things about outsourcing organization activities. To begin with, outsourcing organization activities can help to reduce the costs. For example , the expense of labor force inside the western is far more expensive than the eastern so that if a organization hire labor force from these kinds of countries can help you amount of salaries. Also, the business can reduce time to market and get a possibility to open up the world industry. In addition , the organization can develop income and save internal methods. At last, the outsourcing business activities will promote the business develop process efficiencies and improve employees' specific features or skills. As a result, outsourcing business activities can help an organization to improve their superiority and develop the competitive benefit. Also, it is going to promote the development of the company's industry.


* Specify and distinction technology, i . t and details system.

Technology is the understanding and abilities for human being to use equipment, machines and techniques. As well, technology could be regarded as tools and equipment that are part of outcomes happen to be invented by simply human. It can benefit to improve the society in common way. Information technology is used to store, retrieve and transmit information through personal computers and telecoms. InformationВ TechnologyВ is related to the use of computer systems and software program to manage data. Information program has an crucial function to collect, create and deliver data in human activities through combination of hardware, application and telecommunication networks that are built simply by human. Information system is represented by data and in business activities, human being establishes this to help to advertise managers' decision makings. In general, information strategy is based on information technology. Information method is a system made to save and use info and info. An information program sometimes consists by some different data technologies. 5.

2. Describe how come databases have grown to be so important to modern businesses.

Data is the root and purpose of details system. A database is definitely anВ application that manages data and enables fast storage and retrieval of that info. In general, a database may be regarded as an amount of records such as name, ID number, addresses, telephone number, and salary. Database can be broken into some various sorts according to the capabilities and usages. For a large company, it ought to be has a many information and data being collected and recorded. So to establish a data source is an effective approach to save workers' time and workload. For example , a business can make a customer data source and when managers want to look for information about a client and they only search the consumer database in fact it is so easy to find anything they really want. As a result, databases have been a convenient method to collect info and form information produce easier to get managers or any type of users to get info they want. 2.

* List and define three technical know-how and/or expertise core expertise.

* It is not easy for competitors to replicate.

* It might be re-used extensively for many companies markets. 5. It must contribute to the end consumer's experienced rewards.

The first one means it is difficult intended for the competition to copy the outcomes. Secondly, the core competencies can be utilized within a wider range for some several products and markets in some instances. It must have got superiority ultimately consumer's experienced benefits. A core competency can take a few different kinds of varieties which contain technological matter. It can possibly have the progress products or perhaps cultures, including...