Rizal's Retraction

 Essay about Rizal’s Retraction

Jose Rizal's Retraction Controversy

The controversy still carries on if Doctor Jose Rizal, our national hero, actually retracted? This has been the greatest controversy which is many talked about Rizal. He is acknowledged for the novels he had written throughout the Spanish period. Because of these brave acts of rebellion up against the said colonizers, he started to be our Countrywide Hero. But what if each of our national leading man, at the last moments of his life retracted every thing he had at any time said and written? In 1935, a letter was found by Father Manuel Garcia. The said letter contains that Jose Rizal declared himself as a Catholic and that he retracts everything he had said, created, published and did against the Catholic Church. Opinions relating to this issue probably would not be the same because a few may acknowledge and some may not. There so many questions taking a chance his retraction if to start with, all of this is what he actually fought pertaining to. From Fr. Balaguer's type, Rizal, for the 29th time of December 1896, composed and signed the retraction papers looking at him current other Jesuit priest present at the loss of life cell. Rizal asked for a confession twice and for a rosary from your priest between two religion. In Balaguer's memorandum-record, Rizal asked for a mass and a request for Holy Communion, this was quickly approved by the Jesuits and assigned Fr. Villaclara as the officiating priest of the mass within the cell. He also stated that Rizal asked for the image of the Sagrado Corazon para Jesus which usually he carved when he was just 14. Balaguer defined the landscape as heart-warming because Rizal kissed the that he previously requested through the Jesuits. Although kneeling and surrounded by the religious regulators in the loss of life cell, Rizal read the retraction document. Balaguer also stated that there were a servant-messenger for Josephine Bracken to prepare for wedding at the San Ignacio Chapel where Fr. Simo will conduct the confession and also other things needed for the ceremonies, which will...