Running Head: Citigroup in Post-Wto Cina Analysis

 Essay about Running Brain: Citigroup in Post-Wto Cina Analysis

Running head: Citibank in Post-WTO China Research

Citigroup in Post-WTO China Analysis

Approach Formulation and Implementation

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Feb 25, 2006

Citigroup in Post-WTO Cina Analysis


Citibank, part of Citigroup, was one of the first foreign banking institutions that moved into China on the century in the past (1902) and therefore has a lengthy history of goodwill in the country. Before China's admittance into the World Trade Firm there were significant limitations around the scope of foreign businesses. As a result, Citibank was just permitted to participate in limited corporate banking services and limited Oriental cities. Since China's membership rights into the Community Trade Organization, many of these limits have slowly begun to diminish; nevertheless Citibank and other international banks need to manage in the existing rules. Argument #1: Citigroup hasn't displayed adaptability to increase China procedures Some of Citigroup's business actions could apparently show all their lack of adaptability to broaden their functions within Chinese suppliers. Initially they failed to indulge in joint endeavors to assist in their entry into China and tiawan and even even now hesitate to partake in significant number of joint ventures selecting instead to attempt to grow through acquisitions. Resulting from the significant range of regulations that foreign-banks confronted, this would produce a slower entrance rate for Citigroup. At first Citigroup was unable to present credit card solutions due to limitations on foreign players and limited get in personal banking. While restrictions even now stave off foreign players and native banks are reluctant due to credit risks, the answer to adaptation into the multibillion dollars credit card sector appears to be joint ventures between foreign banking institutions and local part banks (Von Emlod, Pitsilis & Wong, 2003). Citibank's attitude toward joint ventures was: " We know that most JVs do not previous very long; JVs give a great institution a short-term...

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