Scarlet Notification Characteristics

 Essay regarding Scarlet Notification Characteristics

Hester Prynne

By Gabrielle Hanssen

In " The Scarlet Letter”, Hester Prynne portrays three characteristics of being prideful, loving, and unchanging. She appears to be a firmly willed person, but those were the key three that stood to be able to me. Through the entire story, Hester proves every single case in point for every single trait with certain reacting circumstances that will lead you to both feel shame on the poor woman, or perhaps feel almost nothing. She illustrates that the lady can take proper care of Pearl and herself in a manner that is right.

The first characteristic that I discovered about Hester Prynne was her pride. She seemed to be a very conceited individual in how she would work and speak. It was as if she was taking on the world with every accusations thrown for her, no matter what it was. Hester knew what she got done wrong, and the girl wore her symbol of adultery without shame. The girl was not actually prideful in her bad thing, but your woman did not let everything reach her and ruin her life. Inside the story, the lady was required to wear the scarlet " A” like a symbol for her sin. It was to embellish all of her clothing throughout her lifestyle. Hester revealed that the girl was happy by the way your woman crafted all of them; " attractively adorned with gold and also other colors to make it appear to be almost magnificent”. On her first day of punishment, she was instructed to stand on the scaffolds for hours with her newly created daughter and so people could look at her and know her desprovisto. The whole period she was up there, she don't seem to be frightened, or troubled. That demonstrates that she don't seem too concerned about her situation. " And never got Hester Prynne appeared more lady-like, in the antique interpretation of the term, than as the lady issued from your prison. (pg. 58)”

The 2nd characteristic is that she is supportive. The way she treats her daughter while her " only treasure” signifies that Hester will perform anything for her. She mentioned that Treasure was her pride and joy, but at the same time a reminder of her sin; she loved...