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Hsinchun Chen

Eller College or university of Managing, University of Arizona,

Tucson, AZ 85721 U. S. A. [email protected]

Roger L. L. Chiang

Carl H. Lindner University of Business, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati oh., OH 45221-0211 U. S. A. [email protected]

Veda C. Storey

M. Mack Brown College of Business, Atlanta State University, Atlanta, GA 30302-4015 U. S. A. [email protected]

Business intelligence and analytics (BI& A) has surfaced as a significant area of study for equally practitioners and researchers, showing the value and effects of data-related problems to be solved in contemporary firms. This introduction to the MIS Quarterly Exceptional Issue on Business Intelligence Exploration first supplies a framework that identifies the evolution, applications, and growing research regions of BI& A. BI& A ONE. 0, BI& A 2 . 0, and BI& A 3. zero are identified and defined in terms of their key attributes and capabilities. Current research in BI& A is analyzed and challenges and opportunities linked to BI& A research and education are discovered. We as well report a bibliometric study of essential BI& A publications, researchers, and exploration topics depending on more than a decade of related academics and sector publications. Finally, the six articles that comprise this special issue are introduced and characterized in terms of the proposed BI& A research construction.

Keywords: Business intelligence and analytics, big data analytics, Web 2 . 0. 0


Business intelligence and analytics (BI& A) and the related

field of big data analytics are becoming increasingly essential in both academic plus the business communities over the

earlier two decades. Industry studies include highlighted this

significant development. For example , depending on a survey of

more than 4, 500 information technology (IT) professionals coming from 93 countries and 25 industries, the IBM Technical Trends Report

(2011) determined business analytics as one of the several major technology trends in the 2010s. In a survey of the state of

business analytics by Bloomberg Businessweek (2011), 97

percent of businesses with profits exceeding $22.99 million

had been found to use some form of organization analytics. A written report

by the McKinsey Global Company (Manyika ou al. 2011) predicted that by 2018, the United States only will deal with a deficit of 140, 000 to 190, 000 people with deep synthetic skills, in addition to a shortfall of 1. 5 million data-savvy managers with the skills to analyze big data to generate effective decisions. Hal Varian inc., Chief Economist at Google and nestor professor with the University of California, Berkeley, commented within the emerging options for IT experts and college students in data analysis the following:

MIS Quarterly Vol. thirty-six No . four, pp. 1165-1188/December 2012


Chen ain al. /Introduction: Business Intelligence Analysis

So can be getting all-pervasive and low-cost? Data. And

what is complementary to info? Analysis. So my

recommendation is to take lots of classes about how

to control and assess data: sources, machine

learning, econometrics, stats, visualization, and

so on. one particular

The chances associated with data and research in different businesses have helped generate significant interest in BI& A, which can be often referred to as the techniques, solutions, systems, practices, methodologies, and applications that analyze important business info to help a great enterprise better understand its business and market and make on time business

decisions. In addition to the actual data processing and conditional technologies, BI& A includes business-centric

procedures and methodologies that can be used on various

high-impact applications such as e-commerce, industry intelligence, e-government, healthcare, and security. This kind of introduction to the MIS Quarterly Special Issue on

Business intelligence (bi) Research offers an...

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