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п»їWhat makes a first class athlete

The folks that I have chosen for my command essay will be Tiger Woods, Jordan and Usain Bolt. I have chosen these kinds of athletes for one reason, they are the best of all time. The key reason why I think these are the best happens because they have set many information and attained many victories in there sports activities. They also do a lot of items differently than a lot of people in their sport. Lastly they have many features that make them better than the others. Their features are, concentrated, confident, committed, smart and lastly humble. All are dedicated since they all reserve many several hours a week to train and to coach there sport. A few examples would be, Padraig harrington practices 7-8 hours every day 3-4 days a week. Also Michael Jordan might practice/workout 10 hours each day four days and nights a week close to playoffs. This shows how truly dedicated they are mainly because they would not need much time to do anything else or have time for themselves. The second attribute that I believed they all acquired is self-confident. This is genuinely what made these people great I think. They had crazy amounts of self confidence in themselves, inside their teams in addition to their instructors. Why assurance is a great leadership tool is because it allows people to perform exactly what they really want without hesitating or pondering long about this. An example would be Tiger, if perhaps he would not have confidence in his swing or himself he would not have built many puts or sunk many photographs. The same will apply to basketball because with out confidence in yourself you will get demolished by other players. Likewise Usain Sl? needs a lots of confidence to acquire into the starting block therefore he is aware of exactly what to perform. I think that made them great commanders because they will could lead there crew to greatness and show other people the way, it is additionally why they were/are wonderful assets around the teams that they can play on. My third feature is smart. This kind of trait is a very open affirmation by expressing they are smart but I believe without this they would...