Symbolism Analysis of the Swimmer

 Essay about Symbolism Examination of the Swimmer

The Swimmer


Inside the Swimmer the smoothness (Neddy) swims in a lake through many pools on a journey he believes would " expand and commemorate its beauty” (251). These types of pools as well as the journey this individual swims stand for the passing of time and the deterioration of his well being. He began his journey feeling as though having been young and solid, " this individual seemed to have the especial slimness of youth” (250). He seems to be extremely content with his life and his friendships. As he was going swimming in his own pool the character soaked at the moment " the sunlight, the intenseness of his pleasure” (250). But , while Neddy begins his quest swimming by pool to pool he starts to turn into weak " his biceps and triceps were lame. His legs felt rubbery and ached at the joints” (254). Neddy also sensed depressed and saw the as being " dark” (254). Time got passed since Neddy swam from pool to pool area and as he visited and spoke with friends they were sorry for him. He arrived to Mrs. Halloran's pool and she spoke of his " misfortune” (254). He could not keep in mind selling his house or perhaps his children's trouble and thought " he was losing his memory” (254). If he arrived home as he " staggered with fatigue” (256) the signals were dimmed and no one particular was residence, his property was bare. Neddy got named the chain of pools the " Lucinda River, ” which was his way of conveying his very long and dependable marriage. Although ironically, his wife got left while on his quest on the Lucinda River. Neddy faces the outcomes of his actions and harsh truth of the passing years the first time. He dismissed invitations and neglected his family and friends could the trip took place which is left with the realization of his decisions.