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 Essay about The Darker Crystal Film Analysis

Andrew FungFung 1


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Feb 23, 2010

The Dark Crystal Film Analysis

Making its first appearance 1982, The Dark Ravenscroft, created and directed by puppeteers John Henson and Frank Ounces, was a imagination film that involved elaborate puppeteers and animatronics. Apart from the Muppets and Sesame Street, which involves even more comedic skits to relay their meaning to the viewers, The Dark Ravenscroft was a different kind of muppet movie since it used illusion, fiction and action to share with its tale. With this change in Rick Henson's normal way of tale telling, the fantasy aspect of the movie turns into associated with the story patterns and functions of Propp. While the story line progresses over the film, a number of the 31 features of heroes discussed by simply Propp can be revealed. Also, with a fantasy/fairy tale working simultaneously with puppetry, it possesses a connection with children while developing their thoughts with fairy tale images. The Dark Amazingly uses illusion, fiction, action and sock puppets to demonstrate the narrative habits associated with Propp all although developing new dimensions to get children's imagination. The narrative patterns exhibited in this film closely relate to Propp's thirty-one functions of characters, installing the template in the average hero's journey in many films of the identical genre. The films begins with a narrorator and sexual act, letting the viewer know the background and establishing of the current situation within this estranged globe. The Fung 2 leading part, Jen the Gelfling, is usually presented a " difficult task” by his expert who is a Mystic. He can asked to bring back order to the once gorgeous land just before a shard from the " dark crystal” was removed which shows the twenty-fifth function to be presented with a difficult task. With very little knowledge about his mission, Jen leaves his residence among the Mystics and starts his pursuit, demonstrating the...