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1 . D. M is Holden's older brother whom writes a volume of brief stories that Holden admires very much, yet Holden feels that Deb. B. prostitutes his skillsets by producing for Hollywood movies. M. B. is a height of phoniness in Holden's head because he is sacrificed his art (writing stories) for money. 2 . Holden is kicked out for faltering too many classes. He ultimately chooses to leave early to get away by all the phonies who are making him gloomy. 3. Holden is being ostracized by the fencing team intended for leaving the foils for the subway. Holden ostracized Pencey prep as they thinks everybody there is a fake and he hates phonies. Holden hates cliques as they are private groupings separate via everyone else. Holden was also too " yellow" to participate this one fraternity at pencey. 4. In ways, Holden is just trying to find him self in the actual. He leaves Pencey, only to discover how tough it is. This individual wants to preserve other children from the severe reality of adulthood, because they are the baseball catchers in the rye. 5. He said that Mr. Spencer smells like Vicks Nose Drops which is a bad chuck. Holden also thinks Mrs. Spencer like him, though he is unsure. 6. Holden passes British.

7. Holden sees Mr. Spencer prior to he leaves because Mr. Spencer was one of the few educators that Holden liked and felt this individual could connect to. He does end up regretting the go to because it causes him to believe twice regarding leaving university. He knows that he will miss Mr. Spencer. eight. Because Mister. Thurmer lectured him about how precisely " life is a game” and that one should " perform it in line with the rules” prior to he removed him. Mr. Spencer thought that Dr . Thurmer was accurate, but Holden was raise red flags to because he thinks that a lot more only a game if you are around the right area. 9. This individual read Holden an composition that Holden had written regarding the Egyptians, and he was annoyed that he made him read it out loud. 10. Mr. Haas, the Headmaster of Elkton Hills, angers Holden by leaving the teams strategies and...