Modify over Time: the Americas

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Change Over Time: The Americas

The social and economic conversions in the Unites states occured resulting from new connections with Europe and The african continent from 1450-1750. Large scale Western immigration occured shortly after the voyages of Christopher Columbus starting in 1492. Immagrants came to flee coming from religious persecution, seek monetary opprotunities, a part of government paid attempts to found colonies, or intentionally transported right now there as slaves or prisoners. As more and more people came to America they brought with them crops, livestock, and conditions.

The Columbian exchange tremendously affected the American society. It brought with this diseases, plants, and animals. There were devastating effects of Outdated World illnesses on Local American masse. Infectious disorders, such as smallpox, resulted in the biggest death cost in the New World. New foods became worn of man diets and new growing regions opened up for vegetation. Two of Unites states major money crops, sugars and coffee, come from Africa and Asia. Livestock through the Europe likewise flourished inside the New World. One of Europeans initially imports, the horse, transformed th lives of many Tribes of native americans.

Trade began to become a big part of existence in America. The transatlantic triangular in shape trade operated in the 17th and 18th centuries among West The african continent, the Unites states, and Western colonial power. The trade represented a profitable organization of enslaved Africans. The use of slaves was fundamental to growing the colonial funds crops in the New World.

A constant problem in the Americas was the dissagreements between the Natives plus the European settlers. The settlers imposed all their economic and religious morals on the Natives. They often attempted to convert them to the Western way of living. Europeans took over their land by making use of their advanced technology and captive them because workers or maids about plantations. This kind of led to the wars and revolts among these two organizations and wound up in many deaths of certainly not...