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The solvency

The solvency percentage indicates if the company's income is sufficient to satisfy its initial and long-term liabilities. The bottom a company's solvency rate, the greater the probability it can easily default on its debt obligations.

Current ratio

The ratio is primarily used to give an idea of the company's capability to pay back it is short-term debts (debt and payables) using its short-term possessions (cash, inventory, receivables). The higher the current proportion, the more in a position the company is of paying it is obligations. A ratio beneath 1 suggests that the company would be unable to pay up its responsibilities if they came because of at that point. Whilst this displays the company is definitely not in good economic health, will not necessarily mean that it may go insolvent - and there is many ways to gain access to financing - but it is absolutely not a good indication. Current proportions for Athletics UK

To get year 2012

For season 2011

Trial ratio

Rule indicator that determines if the firm offers enough short-term assets to protect its quick liabilities devoid of selling inventory. The acid-test ratio is far more strenuous than the working capital rate, primarily since the working capital ratio allows for the inclusion of inventory property. В Trial ratio for Sports UK

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Performance ratio

Calculates a measure of a particular aspect of efficiency, which might entail things that you can attach many to, or an indication that a thing did or perhaps did not happen in the requited way. Proportions are very good approach to measure them using only a financial record. This record bellows displays performance of sports UK. 2011

Share turn over= 72215 = 3. 05 times



Stock switch over= 23611 x 365 = 119. 3 times



debt collection period = 9024 x 365 = 962 days



commercial collection agency period = 9098 x...