Device 9 Assg 1

 Essay about Unit 9 Assg one particular

п»ї1. IP owners in two different organization TCP/IP networks send IP packets to one another through the Internet. Which from the following holds true about the web connections that must exist so that the packets may flow involving the two businesses?

a. The two companies must connect directly to each other. m. The two companies must have at least one Internet access link. c. The two businesses must hook up to the same INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER.

d. The two companies must each get connected to a Rate 1 ISP.

2 . Which in the following standalone devices can be found near the Internet edge, with a primary aim of providing some form of network protection between a great enterprise or perhaps SOHO TCP/IP network and the Internet? (Choose two answers. ) a. LAN gain access to point

b. IPS

c. Analog device

d. Firewall

3. Which will of the subsequent answers list a concept that is certainly likely to be accurate about a single POP? (Choose two answers. )

a. It is located near INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER customers.

b. It contains many routers that work independently, with no network links to the additional routers.

c. It holds routers from multiple ISPs, permitting high-speed nevertheless inexpensive interconnects between ISPs.

d. This connects to other ISP sites applying some kind of WAN links. some. Which from the following answers lists a fact that is true about a Tier 1 INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, but not true about a Rate 2 ISP?

a. Should have at least one network link to almost every Tier you and Tier 2 INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER b. Has a network connect to at least one other INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER

c. Commonly has many repetitive high-speed backlinks to various other ISPs d. Most often, links just to ISPs in the other tier

5. An business network professional wants to make a website to get his organization, Ent-1, with host name Which of the pursuing answers finest describe a common place in which the computer hardware in this website may be located? (Choose two answers. ) a. In the Internet

w. In the Ent-1 enterprise TCP/IP network

c. At a web-hosting services

d. In the IPS at the enterprise's Internet edge

6. A person has a COMPUTER and a great analog device. The user knobs into her ISP, connects to the Internet, and surfs the internet. The user after that wants to make a phone call using her home cell phone and the same telephone line. Which will of the subsequent answers is valid in this case? a. The user need to hang up the decision to the INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, and not browse, while chatting on the phone. m. The call works, but the bit rate in the Internet connection minimizes by 64 Kbps right through the call.

c. The call performs, but the customer can only give data when she is certainly not talking, and receive data when the additional person is definitely not discussing.

d. The decision works, without change to the information speeds perhaps the voice call is happening or not.

7. An individual can migrates from using analog modems for Access to the internet to employing DSL. An individual sets up the DSL interconnection, using a PC, an Ethernet cable television, an external DSL modem, and a telephone line. The bond works, plus the user surfs the web. The person also attaches an analog home cellphone to another cellphone extension; the user then wants to make a phone call applying his house telephone and the same telephone line used by DSL. Which from the following answers is true in such a case? a. The person must say goodbye the call for the ISP, rather than surf, although talking phoning around. b. The decision works, nevertheless the bit rate of the Internet connection reduces by simply 64 Kbps for the duration of the call.

c. The decision works, nevertheless the user can simply send info when he can be not talking, and get data when the other person is certainly not talking.

g. The call functions, with no change to the data rates whether the words call is happening or not really.

almost eight. A user provides lived perfectly house for the last 30 years, using home telephone services from the same community phone company. The consumer then cell phone calls an ISP and registers for DSL service to your home. The new customer is intolerant, but the customer support rep tells the customer it should take a few days and nights because a specialist has carry out some...